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Selected Projects

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Professional Work

_ Enspiral Catalyst

I'm currently working as a Catalyst for Enspiral. It's a self managed servant-leader role that aims to turn the network’s invisible resources such as hidden knowledge, stories and social capital into something visible and available for all.

Some public projects I've worked on are Enspiral's open source handbook and the Story Dojo storytelling academy.

Enspiral is a decentralized network and a commons laboratory. Together we try to prototype new forms of collaboration and push the frontier of what organizations can look like.

Explore Enspiral

_ Jojojo

I'm the creator and manager of Jojojo, a personality exploration cardgame that uses weird and profound questions to accelerate deep connections between people.

Though the game was designed by me, the questions were selected via a one year and a half long crowdsourcing process.

Explore Jojojo

Personal Projects

_ Author Youtube Channel

I've been building a worldbuilding and writing process video blog, often dissecting potent narratives to try to understand what makes them work. Part of an effort to turn my personal writing research into a commons resource.

Here's an episode exploring SciFi ideas and worldbuilding.

Visit the channel

_ Book in Progress

For the past year, I've been writing a speculative fiction book centered around lucid dreaming and the hypothetical new type of education system that could be created if people could teach and learn in a realm with no limitations but one's imagination.


I wrote and designed this game that tests personalities and sends people into offline adventures (like this one).
(Old code, might be buggy.)

Here's a SciFi blog post I wrote earlier this year and I thought you'd enjoy. It touches possible economic horizons and much more.
(Inspired and clapped by Gail Taylor)

Recently worked creating content for Loomio, a decision-making software that perhaps you've heard of. Here's an example.

+49 176 76 201 408


Bachelor in Communications
(Federel Univeristy of Rio de Janeiro, 2013)


From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Currently based in Berlin, Germany

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